Things I Love Thursday

Thursday post #2!


♥ It sucks up my time, but I totally love Pinterest. I’m currently gathering ideas for Christmas. But a random & particularly cool find was pinata cookies. People are so clever!

♥ Speaking of Christmas… I’m looking forward to the approaching holiday season! I’m ready to get in the Christmas spirit, drink hot chocolate, eat peppermint bark, and watch movies all day. Let it snow.

♥ The Spring 2012 edition of Columbia College’s poetry review is finally available online!

♥ Though I won’t be able to visit my boyfriend this weekend, I did paint my nails with the fantastic glitter nail polish that he doesn’t like, hehe.

Image ♥ Happy that I’m super pleased with the poem I wrote for my creative writing class. My professor suggested I submit the one I wrote last week for some of the writing contests at school here, too! Praise, internal and external, is good & necessary. Vague thoughts on getting an MFA dance through my head.

♥ A day late, but there’s a new Henri, the French cat, video with his thoughts on Halloween.

I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and hopefully getting ahead on some reading. I think this sudden season shift to winter is making me tired. But we get an extra hour of sleep this Sunday for Daylight Savings Time, yay!


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